Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

At Spirit you plate it up yourself. Our buffet offers a variety of fifty different breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes, juices and pastry to choose form. Everything guaranteed 100% organic and 100% vegetarian.

It’s fresh

All our dishes are prepared daily in our kitchen using seasonal ingredients. This means hearty veggie stews during winter and fruit salad with local organic strawberries in the summer.

It’s organic & veggie

We choose organic and vegetarian because we respect humans, animals, our environment and our economy.
Organic means: no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. That way the ingredients keep their natural life force energy all the way to your plate. Healthy for you and for the environment.
Vegetarian means that we choose plant-based ingredients like legumes, seaweed, tempeh and soya to create wholesome nutritious dishes. These ingredients contain lots of healthy protein and cost less energy to produce. This way we see to it that all your nutritional needs are met, while at the same time contributing to a sustainable economy.

It’s sweet

A lot of people experience ups and downs in their energy level due to sugar. That’s why we prefer  using maple syrup, rice syrup or dates to sweeten our desserts and pastry. These ingredients provide a nice sweet taste, but don’t affect your mood as much as regular sugar.

It’s good

Not only do we take care that the food is yummy – we also see to it that it’s good for your health and good for the environment, both in the short and in the long run. That’s what makes good food taste even better. Spirit is certified with an EKO-label by SKAL, an independent foundation that manages and controls organic certifications in the Netherlands. This way you can be certain that all our ingredients are free from chemicals and come straight from the land without any alterations.

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner